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    “Could you help us fulfill our dream?”

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    The future of the world is in my classroom today,

    a future with the potential for good or bad”

    Ivan Welton Fitzwater

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    “Education is the most powerful weapon

    which you can use to change the world”

    Nelson Mandela

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    “Teachers who love teaching,

    teach their children to love learning”

    Richard L. Curwin

About us

Students United for India (SUFI) is a movement started by the youths, who are dedicated to the cause of holistic development of people living in slums. Education and Health are the two basic pillars of development on which SUFI focusses like Arjuna.

“Our Journey so Far”

Registered under Societies Act 1860, in the year 2014, SUFI actually began its ground work in February 2013 with the inauguration of a slum school in Lucknow. Ever since then, began the evolution of concept of educational labs, which have burgeoned across several slums and are still improving by leaps and bounds as days pass.

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Our Projects

Since 2013, many projects have been taken up for the upliftment of the children belonging to slums. The efforts are projected towards providing better healthcare and inclusive education. The flagship program of the organisation is collaboration with 2 community schools where 163 children belonging to 2 slums are being provided with free education. Several initiatives pertaining to health and improving the quality of living of these children have been taken up in the seven years of the running of this NGO.


PACE (Providing Access to Comprehensive Education)

A holistic framework to support underprivileged children in two schools of Pratapgarh and Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

The common causes of concern are three – access, quality and sustainability. The model/intervention plan has been designed keeping in mind these three problems and is taking them head on. The long term vision is to provide better schooling to slum children and underprivileged children and make a PAN India model on similar guidelines.


Education Labs

More than a classroom, SUFI endeavors to provide the underprivileged slum children with an atmosphere which gives them a chance to experience the progresses made by mankind in field of science, technology, art, music, culture and philosophy in the form of activities and facilities tailored towards maximization of assimilation by the young and innocent minds so as to elicit practical understanding in them. All this and more fun filled learning is what makes SUFI unique and all the more dedicated towards this modern method of imparting education.



Health is one of the most important pillar of happiness. And encouraging the slum dwellers to embrace the modern methods of health and hygiene is one of the activities SUFI takes pride in being associated with. Through constant interactions with families of the children and providing them with free medical assistances, SUFI has witnessed remarkable improvements in the habits of the people it has mentored for healthy living.


Core Team

Who We Are ?

SUFI- Students United for India, a movement started in 2013 with a collaborative effort of students, is dedicated to the cause of holistic development of children living in slums. The groundwork was laid in February 2013, with the inauguration of a slum school in Lucknow.

SUFI was registered under the Societies Act 1980 in the year 2014. The NGO aims to provide access to education and health to the underprivileged children in India to pursue higher education.

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